Learn Arabic while reading Quran.

If you want to get Arabic without doing anything. Here is the best way to do it. Just keep following with your eyes.


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We came up with a new method which makes navigating through Quran very easy and effective. First in digital Quran apps.

There are two modes in the app. First one is the Read Mode which functions as your primary Quran reading app. The Second one is the Understand Mode which is the heart of the app and makes you get the language in the shortest and easiest way possible.

You might have seen cursors following the text simultaneously with the reciter. But our magnifier is the most modern and a pioneer in digital Quran apps. Not only follows the reciter also shows tailor made content to the user at the same time.  

There are 4 Levels in the app. Depending on your level you can begin from any of them. You can find more detail on the app’s store descriptions.

For now there is only one recitation but we’re working to add more.

We provide translations in a couple of major languages among Quran readers such as; Hindi, Bangla, Urdu, Turkish, English etc.

Depending on your level and concentration to the app you would be learning Arabic in between 1 to 4 khatims. This makes 40 hrs to 160 hrs, which is 10 times shorter than traditional methods.

About the app

Most innovative Arabic learning tool ever.

Totally designed for learning Arabic in the most effective way. Combined learning Arabic with reading Quran in a remarkable way.

Also functions fantastic as your primary Quran reading digital tool. But learning Arabic in such an easy way is irresistible. You will find yourself discovering the Understand Mode. 


You can contact us via the form below. Please share us your thoughts about how to better improve our app.